People forget so quickly. Remember when president Bush first got into office and China kidnapped one of our military planes and its crew? Could have been a real mess but the new president brought our people home safe without harm or harming our relationship with a country that has more people in their active military than we have living in our entire country (men women and children).

People seem to have forgotten that not only were thousands of lives lost in those towers on 9-11 but trillions of dollars were taken out of our economy as well. Not to mention that several multi billion dollar corporations were wiped off of the face of the earth. Corporations that kept tens of thousands of people employed, gone forever. And there are people that think that is not what almost crashed our economy, what? How soon people forget! From day one in office the President has had to deal with one emergency after another and yet in less than four years this country has nearly fully recovered.

The fact that our economy recovered at all is nothing short of a miracle, let alone the fact that we got back on the upward track so quickly.

I don't care who you are or what you believe, if you say that that extra couple of thousand dollars back in your pocket rather going back to the I.R.S.  did not help your situation out, you are not being honest.  I know a lady that lost her husband tragically and she is raising her children on less than $20,000.00 a year, she got back $5,000.00 on her tax refund. That is ¼ of her entire yearly income and you think that didn't give them a boost? Because of that she now has a safe car for the first time, a washer and dryer for the first time and her children have decent clothes to wear and she was able to start her first ever savings account. And there are people that think that the tax cut was a bad thing, wow! Another thing, the tax cut that her boss got enabled him to give her a substantial raise and there are people that think that the tax cut did not help the economy, again I say with disbelief wow!

President Bush announced that he wanted to give the illegal Latino people who are here working amnesty and the Democrats along with John Kerry all said how dare he. Now Kerry says the same thing and he is some kind of a hero for the idea.

Not to mention the fact that if the President's home land security act did not work don't think for even one second that we would be having our share of suicide bombings right here at home.

Boy how soon people forget!

"How soon people forget!"
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