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Just like a restaurant, order all of your meat products the way you want them. Your order will be delivered to your door, fresh cut to your order, vacuum sealed, ready to cook or freeze until needed! Our vacuum sealed packs will keep several months in your freezer.
All of our products are priced according to market value, not retail store prices. By eliminating the store your prices will be lower and your products will be much fresher.

Grocery stores get their meat products pre-packed and frozen often many months ahead, they thaw it, date it and put it out for you to buy. Their products are packed with chemicals and dies so when they are thawed they look freshly cut. Some higher-end stores do cut some meat to order but their whole pieces also came long time frozen from a warehouse.
Our meat product comes to us truly fresh, is a higher grade, never before frozen and contains NO chemical additives or dies. You Will Taste the Difference!
for every meal and
makes a great gift!
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A sample of our every day low prices - New York Strip $5.99 # -
T-Bone $6.99 #

Average Grocery Store price "on sell" New York Strip $9.00 # T-Bone $11.00 #
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